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Real Estate Attorney in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Purchasing a Home Is a Life-Changing Decision

Purchasing a home may be the biggest investment of your life. If you are building a real estate investment portfolio, you need to mitigate your risks. The Downey Firm, LLC in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania has extensive real estate law experience serving greater Philadelphia. We'll provide you with a real estate attorney who can stand by your side during negotiations and represent you in the event of a dispute.

Whether you're looking for a new space for your growing business or need a new home for your growing family, Attorney David Downey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has the tools needed to put you in the right direction. Throughout the process of buying or selling property, there are many different types of documents that may have confusing terminology. Hiring an attorney that is experienced within the real estate business will have the knowledge of what those terms mean and translate them so you understand completely.

Questions About a Real Estate Matter?

Your Attorney Can Assist You in Many Different Areas

At The Downey Firm, LLC, we protect the interests of our clients within real estate law. When disputes arise, your real estate attorney will represent you in litigation. Some of our most common cases include:

Purchases and sales

Deed transfers

Title issues


Landlord-tenant disputes

Post-closing disputes

Zoning and boundary issues

Mortgage disputes


Whether you are a first-time residential buyer or a larger commercial investor, we can guide you through your transaction. Don't make the mistake of hiring an attorney that doesn't have experience within real estate. Speak to a real estate attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today by calling (267) 713-3356. Schedule a free consultation today so you can get started.