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Beacon of Hope

Mr. Downey was a beacon of hope to our family at a a time when our options appeared limited and we weren't sure if we could come to satisfactory resolution because of those involved.

We are not at the end of our legal process yet but I really appreciate how Mr. Downey has kept us well informed throughout this and puts the time into research and he always gets back to me in a timely manner to any communication I send him.

We are grateful for his services!


Helped my friend

I recommended a close family member to Dave for a DUI in PA. She was very stressed and upset, but Dave was able to walk her through the process and get her a great deal, too.

-Marty B.

There when I needed him

A compassionate, thoughtful, dedicated counselor. David Downey goes above and beyond the Call of Duty. This man was accessible morning, noon, and night and got the job done expeditiously. With a qualitative work ethic, this man is a giant among men. David Downey is the epitome of the modern day attorney.

-Reggie H., Google Review

Extremely Patient

My cousin needed someone immediately and Dave Downey, no questions asked, was there to help! He was very patient and made sure to make a stressful situation seem like nothing was wrong! I would always recommend Dave as a source of knowledge. I am sure if he cannot help he will find the best in the business to help you!

-Daniel M., Google Review

He helped me get rid of a bad tenant!

Aggressive, yet attentive and pragmatic, is how I would describe Dave. I was having an issue with a tenant at a rental property. My emotions were high and he listened carefully. After taking the time to learn what mattered most to me, we came up with a plan that focused on my priorities, while also keeping the tenant motivated. Dave took my calls constantly and kept me apprised. In the end, we got a bad tenant out and kept expenses to a minimum. I'm extremely grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend The Downey Firm to any potential client. Thank you!

-Michelle A., Google Review

I didn't have to pay for repairs!

I am a single mother and had a problem with my home. To say I was in a tough spot was an understatement. Dave jumped in, identified the issue, and got the previous owner to cover the repair. It was a miracle! Thank you Dave!!!

-Michelle S., Google Review

Very Competent and Effective!

David is an excellent attorney! He is swift, intelligent and knowledgeable and will ensure you are completely well versed in your rights.


Such a hard worker!

Dave is an extremely hard worker and more importantly, as trustworthy as they come. I highly recommend him.


Took away my stress!!

After getting a ticket following my accident I knew I had to at least get it reduced. Dave was able to get it completely thrown out and I got the entire $150 back. Accidents are stressful enough no one needs to also be spending money on tickets. Dave can help eliminate some of the stress by taking care of any aspects of an accident whether it's an injury to you, someone suing you, or just a ticket.

-Kirsten D.

Worth every penny and more!

Dave is an amazing real estate attorney! I can't emphasize the importanc3e of having someone like him in your court... if you're ever involved in a real estate transaction that has the potential to go sideways... or you're brokering a new deal... you better believe you want a guy like this in your corner. Worth every penny and more!

-Mike S., Google Review


The Downey Firm really put my clients at ease with their expertise and quick response. I felt very comfortable with this firm and special thanks to David Downey, ESQ. I believe he put my clients' needs first and provided exceptional service.

-Bill D., Google Review

Always readily available

I have worked with Dave Downey several times. Never met a harder worker who goes above and beyond every time. He always returns my calls even late at night and weekends. I am very picky but can't think of one bad thing to say about Dave. He is the best!

-Michelle S., Google Review

A joy to work with

David has a plethora of knowledge and is very responsive on any issue that I throw his way! He is tough when needed and a joy to work with!

-Matt R.

Great with kids!

I am pleased with the level of professionalism and sensitivity awareness which is essential in every way. David is also passionate about the well-being of children and most importantly a child will know and feel true genuineness.

-Shandia J., Google Review